To get started with Larapos application, you have to follow the below steps.

Register for trail period

Click on register and you will be redirected the register page like below

Enter Store name, Email and password and then hit Register button.


Please note that the store name you provide is a unique url provided for your store. This cannot be changed later. If you choose the store name as cityburgers then your store url will be

Verify Email

Once you click on register button, you will get an email like below Please follow the link in the email sent to your inbox and click on the Click here to verify your email button to verify your email. Once the link is clicked, larapos will setup a store with default settings and will send you an email letting you know that the store is setup.

Login to the website

Once you have your email verified, you can login. Click here to navigate to login page. The page looks like below

Enter the login details and click SIGN IN button to see your plan details.

Subscription Dashboard

Once you click on SIGN IN, you will see a dashboard page like below.

Now you will see a link on the left side under the image which is your store url. You can click on it and also see more details on getting started from that step.