Get Store URL

To get started, you need your store url, which can be found in the billing website. Click here to know more on getting url.

You can goto Billing Management to learn more about managing your subscription.

Once you logged in to the larapos website, you can see the screen like below and you can find your link on the left side with blue text.


Once you have the url of your store like, you will see a login like below

For the first time when you login, you will have default login details like below

username: larapos
password: password

Once you login, you will see the dashboard like below or asked to choose the location if you have more than one location. By default you will have one location when you login for the first time and that is choosen automatically.

Change Password

You should make sure to change the default password to secure the application. The default password is common to every new user and they can login easily to your application. So we highly recommend to change the password. To change it, click on the name which is on the top right corner, a dropdown will appear like below, click on Edit My Profile

Now you will see a page with boxes and one of them is to set new password like below

now enter new password and hit save password

Initial Config

Now you have to configure few things to start using the application. Click on settings module on the left sidebar (the last icon). you will be redirected to the Store config page. Change Store Name and Email. Now click submit to save the settings.

Next click on sales register on the left side and make sure to enable Goto Receipt Page After Sale to see the receipt page, you can always come back here and disable it to show sales screen after every successful sale transaction.

Printing Setup

Larapos has built in support for silent printing. You have to download a third party software to enable this feature. Larapos communicates with this software to send raw commands to print the receipts/barcode labels. This step is highly recommended before processing any sale. For more details on this step, please click here

Create Category

Next step is to create category, this is mandatory option to create an item. So click on Item and Item kits (Shortcut Key: g i) and then click on categories. Now you will see categories manage table page, click on the top right corner button which says create category to goto create category form.

Now you are all set to go and create items. Click here to learn more about creating or importing items in different ways.

Create items